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Sunday Roundup 8/4/19


The first full week of camp included some headline worthy quotes by the coach about the defense & the offense and ongoing work to try and fix the kicking. The 1 or 3 point scorer has developed into a top story for the NFC North. Maybe it's extended beyond our 4 teams but either way, I'll take that 10/10 times over injuries that would derail the possibilities of this season!

By this time next week, a quarter of the preseason will be done, with analysis to follow, but hopefully everyone's health is the same and somehow better, if that's possible. Until then there isn't a lot to say and I'm thankful for it!


There are still a few weeks until the goodness is running at full effect but now is the prep time for the Fall sports. A few days into the third D1 regime running practices, the Football team will be as steady a talking point as ever but in my estimation, there isn't much to say just yet. Which is another way of saying that the injury bug hasn't bitten, which is the best news in consecutive topics. Off the field but related to the team, the usual doling out of preseason accolades were announced this week and NDSU was strongly represented by all of them.

Beyond the gridiron, the men's Basketball team started their comeback in Puerto Rico with a win in game 1. This early work will prove to be priceless as Winter nears and their title defense begins in earnest. It's a long shot that Maleek Harden-Hayes or Noah Christenson will be contributors this year but for their development and to see some of the slightly older young guys beyond practice times, it's a great opportunity.


The record setting, possibly 100 game winning Twins are not good enough to go all in on. With the trade deadline passing, that is the message from those who run the team. And that's verbatim what they have said since the end of July. So as I've done each of the last few years, I'm burying them well before they're done. This will be the last time they are mentioned on this site until next season comes around. At which point the possibility of them winning the whole thing will be diminished. It's a failure of leadership that should not be tolerated.


Another week, still at the top of the Northern division. The week finished unimpressively but it's about the bigger picture with the season already winding down. The rub is that the top four teams are all within four games of the lead. So if you haven't been to a game yet, what are you waiting for??


Any - given - Saturday. Ja'Vonte Johnson finally lived up to the billing that he set for himself months ago. It's still delusional to say that a 100 anything is in this league but he made as good of a case as he probably could manage. 247 yards, 2 td's passing & another rushing while running for 75% of their ground yards. Good work that lead to a surprising outcome. So the Invaders will get at least one more game in before the league potentially folds. 1 win and another championship will be to their credit but they already made it a successful season!