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Playing Catch Up with a Round Up (7/23)


The Vikings kick off training camp in the morning but for the next few hours it's still Timberwolves time. The biggest splash since trading Kevin Love came on draft night when they stole Jimmy Butler from the Bulls. They've made a bunch of moves since then though. Most notably was the trade of Ricky Rubio to the Jazz. I've argued and discussed about it with more people then I can remember but I have yet to warm to the transaction. I think he could have continued to compliment the rest of the roster very well. The most positive reason I can find for the trade was that it was to open up salary so that the team could bring in free agents. And I do like each of the FA's that they brought in. Teague, Gibson and Crawford all will make the pups more aggressive and tougher on both ends of the court. They've won the off season, for whatever that's actually worth and I'm excited to see who else they ink before reconvening for the new season.


They beat the Yankees. Whether their continued issues at finding players to take the mound for the first inning persist or not they won a series over the evil empire. Forecasting off one series win is a terrible practice but I hope that with all the youthful talent on the roster that one such win can become 3, can become 5 and then can happen in the playoffs. For all the success of the early 2000's those talented teams never got past the Yankees when it counted the most. Let's hope these baby Twinkies took a baby step in that direction!


The team that had been scuffling seems to have flipped the collective switch. Or maybe those in charge figured out the right buttons to push. Whatever the case may be even with the removal of two players onto major league rosters since their spring training they've continued to improve and are now again challenging for the top spot in the American Association. Best case scenario is that they're able to continue playing well and together after the all star break concludes, Thursday in Winnipeg for the Hawks.


The Summer semi - amateurs played for first place yesterday afternoon in New Hope. Suffice it to say, it didn't go well. To the tune of a 49 - 12 trouncing. In the three previous contests they walked away with a 120 to 16 scoring advantage so getting boat raced that badly may have only been a fluke. So maybe they can rebound and win a third championship in 4 years but considering that they've been up and down, getting to a fourth straight championship wouldn't be the worst outcome.

So that's a pennies worth about the main storylines from the last few weeks. I'm sure I'm not the only one but it's going to be great when all the various football teams are back in action! Until then, let's enjoy the sports that are going on and even more so enjoy Summer while it lasts!

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