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You "wanted" it, you're getting it - sort of

'We want Bama' It's a sign that fans make and take to Football games on the Division 1 level with regularity. It even still makes it onto broadcasts of games, whether it should or not is a discussion for another day. At random, and by foolish fans, it even appears at NDSU games or the odd big event. Maybe it's made in jest - I hope so because that would not go well for our national champions. The idea behind it extends well beyond the Football field. The chance to test one's self against the best in anything is far from a unique thing for fans to want. Even beyond sports, it can be a goal for workers to strive toward.

With the announcement of the NCAA Division 1 men's national tournament bracket, NDSU will get a chance to take down an "Alabama." It'll take a win on Thursday for the door to open to play one of, maybe the most consistently dominant team in college Basketball. The Duke Blue Devils await whoever wins between NDSU and North Carolina Central. Maybe NCCU is the best thing since the University of Maryland, Baltimore County but I haven't seen a minute of their play to know. And I'm bullish on the NDSU squad. If their defense is what it has been and they continue shooting the three like they were late in the year, they'll get a second game - at least.

I'm not calling for a second straight 16 over a 1, over the #1 overall. That would be too bold, even for a blogger such as myself. What is certain is that the thing that fans have called for on the Football side - in jest or otherwise, may well come to pass for the hoops. The reality of the situation is that it may play out like the 'meteor and the dinosaurs,' The big rock would be Zion Williamson, which is an accurate description of the future #1 overall selection in the draft the more I think about it. More to the point, they're a juggernaut that may crush the dreams of everyone that they face.

A chip, chair & a chance means that NDSU could shock the world. Or they could meet the fate that the Football team likely would against the Crimson Tide. It's the unknown of it, these days before the games begin. But you may have asked for it, some certainly have - sort of.