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WW: Rapid Flashback

As the rest of the sports world comes to grips with the spreading virus several hundred midwesterners convened in Sioux Falls to watch the Duel for North Dakota. Ended up being a trampling of the birds as the Bison put together their best performance since the first-half against Duke last March. As a 24-win team that went up against two other tournament-caliber teams this season that's a moderately positive statement.

Don't forget that they beat the already tournament bound Bucs of East Tennessee in December so yeah, yesterday was a statement victory. The Bison won the conference championship and the state title for Basketball. A pretty good evening!

Inside the arena, after they went up 27 points into the break, the energy of the crowd went to about as close to 0 as I can remember ever seeing. Everyone knew that with the way that NDSU was defending the lead could have been half of what it was and the Birds would have had trouble overcoming it. Add on that Shahid & Ward were still in control and the outcome was a foregone conclusion. So we waited and then we celebrated.

But ahead of the trip down to the Falls, I made a point of setting the game to be recorded. With all the breaking news today leading to a dearth of quality sports viewing, I decided to play the video. I wanted to hear how the announcers would describe the onslaught. They were effusive through-out but the tell-tale sign was when they started talking just as much about the action going on in other parts of the country this week as they were talking about the game in front of their eyes.

I'm not fond of token acts and with all the written & spoken coverage about last night's game, I was hesitant to put a piece together. But after waking up this morning to find that highlights of the game weren't deemed worthy of inclusion on the sports channels and the late-breaking news today knocking the title off the stove, I thought it was due a bit of the treatment.

Four days from now they will find out which empty gym they'll be playing in and which prolific opponent will be on the court against them. If 24 hours was too long a time for their win to stay in the spotlight what hope could there ever be for it to stick for another 96. Not saying it's the most important thing in the world, nation or state but let's not move on that quick!

With everything else going on, it's TBD whether they'll have a Selection Sunday watch party this year but keep your eyes and ears open because when the information becomes available it'll come through a few of the platforms. In the meantime, let's enjoy what the guys did last night!