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WW: F-A-R-G-O = Special

Not only did today mark the final chapter of the excellent Summer of amateur Baseball for Fargo with the American Legion championship it also served as an appropriate time to react to Monday's NDSU quarterbacking news. There's a faint possibility that a local diamond squad could pull yet another Rabbit out of the hat but I've completely missed it, if that is possible. Much more likely is that Post 2 having to 'settle' for second place marked the last non-professional play for a championship.

That of course does leave open the possibility of a title run by the still surging Redhawks. Which, if it happens, should subsequently result in a parade with both Post 2 and the Babe Ruth champions prominently included. But maybe I'm the only one who think's championship parade's are cool and that Fargo should finally have one.

Even in the likely event that the celebration never happens, it's been an extraordinary month of August! Not to make light of them but Fargo has become accustomed to title's over the last decade. As these recent team's have demonstrated, it extends beyond just NDSU's Football team. Conference, state, and league title's have become very regular on both sides of the river & in several levels of competition. That town in Wisconsin that is home to my most disliked professional franchise has had the monicker of "Title Town" for quite some time but Fargo is making a good case to supplant it. On the national level that's not going to happen since there's such little respect for the level's of competition that happen here. Within this region of the country, why not take ownership of what has been earned??

And with the only moderately surprising news that Trey Lance will be the starting quarterback for NDSU at T-Field, the next four year's could be just a continuation of the run that's nearing a decade in the FCS. Which say's nothing of the even longer run of quality play that the team has had going back almost straight through to the D-2 days. Every season shows that college quarterbacks are more easy to find than are professional one's but the North side U has done an elite job of finding and developing players at the position. Sorry Gopher guy, you can say that word all you want but the "little brother" to the North has made it a reality.

So I don't know about the rest of you, but on Monday when the news came out, I started thinking year's down the road. It may well be a thought process of futility but if the new big man on campus can stay healthy for all four seasons, he's almost guaranteed to smash his predecessors recently set record. And with the wins would almost assuredly come improvement in play year after year. Add that up and he could be yet another one to hear his name called by the world's top pro league. Which in the trickle down would have to have even more of an effect on Randy Hedberg's lot in life. Jim Kramer deservedly get's a lot of affirmation for the development of the players but the way that thing's go with the newest quarterback could catapult the long time coach to place's that I'm surprised he hasn't already ended up. Now, it's entirely possible and maybe even probably that he wants to stay in North Dakota until he puts his clipboard down, what with the recent departure to Kansas State by so many but if there's a door that hasn't been opened to him yet, it very well soon could be.

Those are just some of the long view, ancillary aspects of what Monday's announcement meant. They play into the larger point and into the overarching theme of what August has been around here, capping year's of successes as we rush head long into another year that will undoubtedly add even more medals and trophies to the mantle! For a town that a lot of people inaccurately characterize as under ice for most of the year, there's a lot of sports in the area that go to show how special this community is!