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Week 1

After the 2018 NFC Championship game appearance it was no surprise that the Vikings got splashy to improve two of the most glaring weaknesses. Sheldon Richardson played well enough last year to get paid by Cleveland this week. Kirk Cousins had an up & down year which has the fanbase divided about him and whether his signing was the right choice. We have two more years to get the final answer but year one was less than stellar.

So considering that, it's not overly surprising that the team has taken a more conservative approach to the frenzy. Both of the men that signed deals with the Vikings were a surprise, at least to me, but each makes some sense - for different reasons.

After spending last season in the Northwest, Shamar Stephen came back to the Vikings. He's far from the game changer that Richardson can be but he has a much longer track record with the Purple's coaching staff at a much more cap friendly price tag. So it makes total sense that they would bring him back. I think it also moves the defensive tackle spot next to Linval Joseph up on the draft board.

The other pen to hit paper was held by a player that I didn't want in those colors any more. The Vikings equivalent of Andrew Wiggins may have taken a discount to reject the Jets offer but he still got life changing money & I'm convinced won't live up to the potential that he's had all along. I don't think he'll get fat & happy now that he's gotten paid but Anthony Barr also isn't going to become the Vikings version of JJ Watt, Aaron Donald or Khalil Mack. Frankly, I wanted him to get over paid so that he could be another teams headache but the head coach has an emotional link to him. Just gotta hope that this year's big money signing doesn't fail like last year's because there's not the same quick exit from it that they worked into Richardson's contract.

All in all, it was a light week of transactions by the Vikings. They let more players go than they added so while they may do some work from the bargain bin next week, it's more about the draft going forward. That was the M.O that got them to being one of the best teams in the league so a return to form may pay dividends. With even more holes to fill now than a week ago, the draft is going to have to include several immediate impact players for this team to rebound from the disappointing 8-7-1. For an 8 pick look at the draft for the Vikings, check out the Mock Talk!

Enough about all that though. Until next Saturday, if there are things worth talking about at that point that is, have a great week!