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All or Nothing

Pass or Fail

Right or Wrong

Good or Bad

Pass or Punt

Get it?


I'll keep this simple

0-2 and most of the things that could have gone wrong, did.

The closest thing to a major injury was Anthony Barr leaving with a mysterious shoulder issue but that created yet another hole to try and patch on the fly. Not as bad as some other teams had it today but a single snowflake in an avalanche doesn't seem bad either.

The defense couldn't cover

The offense couldn't sustain any drives

Even Skolquitt shanked a punt.

NOTHING worked today.

I dare say it was worse than last week's attempt at professional Football.

At his current pace, Cousins will match his 2019 total for interceptions by halftime next Sunday. Good thing they've been aggressive in acquiring talent at the position to pressure him to succeed, or at least not suck.

Sure, the offensive line could (& should) be better. And maybe at some point the cornerbacks will have their play do the talking - even though the back & forth between Hill & Rivers was a highlight of the game. Maybe they won't have to depend on luck just to keep a game close after the first quarter. Maybe these long time coaches will solve the rubiks cube that is their roster before it really is too late.

Maybe, maybe, maybe

I could go on

But none of it happened today.

14 more but for now there's no o2 to provide relief.