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After a slow start to the game by both teams on the offensive end, Valley City rattled off 10 points to take a 9 point lead halfway through the first. Consecutive baskets by Jennie Sem & Alex Egge trimmed the North deficit to five points not long after. The Hi-Liners never surrendered their lead but the Spartans were able to get it down to three points several times, including when the horn sounded.

The next 18 minutes started with a 9-2 run by Valley City in the first 3.5. After trading scores, North switched to an aggressive, full-court defense that gave the Liners fits but the deflections and steals were slow in tilting the momentum back toward the home team. The Spartans did trim the score down to 45 - 39 but VC answered with five straight. North's girls kept hustling but it's tough to maintain the level of intensity that they had been operating with and Valley City took advantage until the end.

Final Score

Valley City 59, North 45

North was lead by Sem with 11 and Grace Miller added 10. Jadyn Dieterle & Brooke Eggermont tied for the game-high with 16 each for Valley City.

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