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Round Three

Several hours later, still have mixed feelings about the way that round three concluded. On the one hand, it's pretty great that Minnesota took all of New Orleans' remaining selections. They were having a pretty good draft so far but unless they sell future assets or trade a player that was with them before, that's over now. But staying up just to see who else would be added and then get that result continues to be very annoying. It's hard to grade the trade until the dust clears on all the other moves that the Purple will make. With 13 picks remaining, they will be BUSY today, so that's also a positive.

Before draft weekend started I was hoping that they would finish with as many as 15 selections. From that, find a way to add eight players that could help the team this year, even with the funky offseason ahead. Through three picks, that was still on track. With their first of the two picks in the third round, they may have added a fourth quick contributor. Before going any further, let's take a look at some of Cam Dantzler's highlights.

In the effort to restock the Cornerback cupboard, Dantzler seems like a guy that may be able to step right in, both as a competitor for snaps on defense and as a member of the special teams. The biggest knock it seems is that he's on the lighter side so the team may look to have him add some weight. If he can do it without losing any of his other abilities, it makes sense. The other factor in why he may have remained available was a slow 40 time at the combine which he bettered significantly at his second-showcase. Between Mike Hughes, Gladney & Dantzler the only thing they're definitively missing now is a slot corner but they may have schemed-up some ways to cover for that if they can't add someone who is able to do it this year. As for this pick, it's another A.

The night overall is less than that but like the draft as a whole, the day finished with an incomplete in the grade slot. Now it's Saturday and the fun can continue!