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The Trojan Line

It was down a couple notches on most people's priority board but Linebacker needed a little bit of attention again this year. The retention of Anthony Barr was good to keep the hole from getting any bigger but beyond Barr & Kendricks the position was shallow. I grant to you that in today's NFL, sub sets of defense are used as much or more than the base defense so two high end Backers are most important. Behind those two are Ben Gedeon & Eric Wilson but for special teams and for depth, the team needed more than just those two.

Speaking strictly in terms of his measurable's, he has the speed & strength to contribute. Maybe he could be a huge surprise and actually make some plays on defense this year but I'd say that the best outcome is for him to run & tackle on kicks & punts. Injuries were a bit of a bugaboo for the Southern Cal man but if he can stay on the field, the ceiling could turn out to be much higher than his selection place would indicate.

No way to know that right now but there's an outside chance that he could be more than just a special teamer - possibly a lot more. I guess that could be said for most if not all of the special teams players in the NFL so suffice it to say that it was a good selection that could turn out to be a great pick!