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The Polo Era

Let me just rip the band aid off quick - from a positional stand point, I hate the Vikings pick. I hate it because of history and because of the probability of disappointment. Three of the best, if not the three best centers in the history of the Vikings were acquired in or after the sixth round. John Sullivan - sixth, Matt Birk - sixth, Mick Tingelhoff - undrafted. The TingelHOFf is from a bye gone era so maybe things would have gone differently for him if he were a 20 year old in 2019 but he wasn't yet he managed to make good on it.

Yet the Vikings made the decision to go the way of the man in the middle over all the other options that were there for them to choose from.

Maybe Bradbury will go on to his own Hall of Fame career, anchoring the line for the next 15 year. That would make this a great pick, in case you were wondering. But for now, in night of draft reaction, it doesn't seem like the most prudent position to have addressed. The offensive line is better tonight than it was this afternoon. That fact isn't lost on me, but that would be the case if they had gone with a Guard or Tackle. I would still complain about drafting a Guard that high but with less venom & evidence to the contrary.

I'm taking solace in the fact that we now have a guy whose name brings to mind the Hamptons and Water Polo so at least some light hearted jokes can be made, whether he is a total disgrace or not.

Another bit of positivity for the Vikings is that there are multiple players that were considered first rounders still on the board at this time of night. Three of the E network's top seven are Cornerbacks, which is a little unsettling considering history but there is also the guy that I thought could be in play at 18 (Cody Ford) along with a guy that some people projected as a top 10 pick (Jawaan Taylor). It's a long way from 33 to 50 but maybe some more craziness can happen & one of those two could continue to slide. Or maybe the Purple will trade up in the second.

I'm getting off track but I'll close with this. There's probably more value in the selection of Garrett Bradbury than I've acknowledged here but it's an immediate reaction so I'm not taking the benefit of time & knowledge before reacting. It was likely going to be the case either way but if he stinks, people are going to be fired and the Kirk Cousins experiment will almost certainly go down as an unmitigated disaster. That's the weight of the 18th selection this year. That's a lot but I don't think it's a misrepresentation or overreaction.

However you view it, whatever you think of the pick, love it, hate it or somewhere in between, let's put that to bed for the next 40 or so hours - as best we can. Let's see who else the team ends up with & enjoy the process before taking the reactions any further. Is that too much to ask?