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The Herd goes Marching On

NDSU men's basketball won their way into the nation's biggest sporting event. They did it by being a team that could get three points on any trip down the court from more players than their opponents. That may be over simplifying it, in fact I know it was more than that because they also played very effective defense over the three games.

What resulted is what I theorized months ago, though I lost confidence that it would actually happen. The grueling schedule from early in the year helped get them ready for Sioux Falls. It wasn't always pretty, it got ugly at times well beyond the beginning of the conference season in fact but they continued to ascend and tonight was the pinnacle of their labors.

They earned it the honor and then they celebrated. There were many questions I thought to ask them but instead I chose to not distract them from what they earned. This group of 18, 19, and 20 year olds did something that they will never forget.

When the bracket comes out on Sunday it will likely reflect the idea that they weren't supposed to win. They'll join the ranks of the Woodside team, facing another mountain but as UMBC showed last year, anything is possible. There isn't one singular fact that I can take away from my time at the Falls, even when combined with all the games I watched in Fargo. If I were to pin one down it may be that the 2018-2019 men's basketball team should not be underestimated. The fact that they will be may prove to be just as beneficial as their proficiency from behind the three point line.

So until Sunday, enjoy this and give them the support that they have undeniable earned!