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Taking Down the Hawks

I've had hours to chew on what happened last night on the field but I must confess, I have thus far been unable to come to conclusions about the game.

There was just too much good to narrow it down to six.

So I'm just going to empty the bag and see how many thing's end up making it.

In broad strokes fashion, both of the first team's were on point last night. That comes on the heels of the first team defense being the closest thing to a negative in the first exhibition so it's an expected and predicted step in the right direction that was already noticeable. It shouldn't be overlooked that even without the future hall of famer Drew Brees, the Saints offense is more dynamic then the Seahawks' will be this year.

So the first team defense faced it's best challenge of the four games and struggled. Seattle posed the second best test and they passed so I'm not trying to subtly harp on them, I just think it's important to keep things in perspective.

Anything short of total domination on Saturday would be a disappointment but we'll get to that later on this week.

To say that the first team offense looks primed to start this season as well as they did the 2018 would be spot on but maybe without the forced change to approach & subsequent firing. I don't think we'll know how good this offensive line can be until week four of the regular season but sign's so far are very positive! If you have a big opinion about any of the Cardinals, Falcons, Green Bay or Raiders defensive lines then please, make your case in the comments but I don't think any of them are nearly the test that Chicago will be.

And with the o-line looking ready to guard the big money, the entire offense can explode on an any play basis. Through the first two games, Adam Thielen has been frequently targeted while Diggs has been almost completely ignored. Some may think that that will bode negatively on the season and I can't say that it's not a bad sign but I think that they're keeping him in the shadows so that all the nuanced parts of the offense designed for what he does well can be debuted when it matters most. In similar fashion, and because of his health history, Dalvin has been saved thus far but the snaps that would be his have proved to be a great opportunity for the subordinate rushers.

As you may have seen if you follow on Twitter or Facebook, I think that Mike Boone has earned a spot on the roster because of the trickle down of time on the field after Mattison hits the bench. Last week he should strength, vision and speed, this week he added in a catch that I don't think most people would be able to corral. The only thing I didn't see is how he's held up in pass blocking but are any third running backs great at that?

In the event that Cook misses more time this year I want a platoon of Mattison & Boone to be the ones to pick up the job. And that doesn't even touch on the fact that the Bronco could be good enough to be a lead back after what he showed again last night. No, he may not be a blazing fast runner but he runs hard and has already shown the ability to finding openings. I'm starting to get the feeling that he's a better version of Matt Asiata.

I'm not trying to mimic the radio play by play guy with all the positivity because there are questions that need to be answered, spots that need to be earned and problems to be fixed but I didn't see enough of any of them last night to make them this weeks picks.

I mean, I didn't even mention how well the defense did against Russell Wilson when they have struggled so mightily against running quarterbacks. Just as a side note, Saturday's game will be the best litmus test of the preseason to that end. With that I think my simple goal of touching on all the salient points from last night's game is complete.