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Sunday Two Week Roundup


Just when it seemed like the team wouldn't have the flexibility to do anything else, they sign more guys and frost it all with an extension to Adam Thielen. It's the slow time of the year on the Football landscape but they're continuing to make noise and stay in the front of the mind with less than two weeks til the draft. The guy's they signed may not be much more than camp bodies but DL's son was a camp body at one point so with coaching and an opportunity, anything is possible!

Be on the look out for the final Purple Mock of the year the middle of this week!


The A topic for many people about the Bison from the last two weeks may be that there was yet another injury in Spring camp to a player that was expected to carry some weight come September. Through three weeks Seth Wilson's torn ACL has been the lone major injury but continues the recent history of the program.

Okay, so in case you didn't catch it, there was a bit of tongue in cheek there. It's unfortunate that Wilson went down with yet another injury but it's secondary to the ongoing quarterback competition, if not even further down the list of main points from Spring ball. These are important reps toward figuring out who will take the first snap against Butler but the evaluation process has barely begun. What's more, there hasn't even been significant rumor of one or two of the QB's showing an edge over the rest. So I for one still can't got so far as to say it's the top thing from the last two weeks but give me a shout if you think otherwise!

The thing I think takes the cake for NDSU from the first 14 days of April was the continued dominance of the Softball team. They pushed their winning streak from an impressive 14 straight to 20 with a Sunday sweep of SDSU today. They've got one more against the Jacks then five on the road against USD & MN. So the bubble could burst at any moment. Or they continue to find ways to win and push it all the way to 32 before hosting the Summit tournament again. Those are the two extremes that lie ahead for the Softball team, but don't miss appreciating the current success with thoughts of what could be. It's a darn good run by the Spring's powerhouse!

Away from the new dugout, was a mixed bag of results. The Baseball team notched a few more wins of their own, the best of which was probably in game 2 against South Dakota St - in Omaha. Due to the snow they had to go all the way to Nebraska to play their series. Talk about doing whatever it took to play! Some of the other athletes weren't even that fortunate so I guess it's a matter of perspective.


Like NDSU, Moorhead State finished the week with a fizzle due to the blizzard. In the days prior, the Softball team got in a full dozen games, highlighted by a thrashing of Crookston's squad to start last weekend. It turned out to be more of an anomaly than a sign of things to come for the Dragons but dominating wins are good any time!

Away from the diamond, the Tennis team hit the court in Minnetonka this weekend. They beat Bemidji State & Sioux Falls 4 - rip only to fall against Augustana in the finale by the same score.

It was a light two weeks in the athletics department, even without the weather interrupting action but the week ahead is a major ramp up for those young men & women.


As with the others, postponed was the theme for the teams as mid-April sprung in the Red River Valley and beyond. Unlike the others, there wasn't anything noteworthy that happened for the Cobbers since March wrapped, unless you consider a cart full of losses noteworthy - I do not.


It's over. A season that was a special sort of disaster by an organization that has known much more failure than success is finally done! As with the rest of the association, the offseason is the highlight of the year for the Wolves and maybe - maybe - they can get the right people in place to put the pieces together in the right way to get back to the playoffs in 2020. The players are in the building, it just can't go like it did this year again next season. A lot of the drama will be easily avoidable but the front office and coaching staff have to get security and maybe more importantly, guys will have to stay healthy. This could have been a 42 - 45 win team, or even better, if not for the Costco size bulk of injuries that it suffered through!


The pitching remains a question mark and some of the decisions made by Rocco have been problematic but the Twins haven't already eliminated themselves from being worthy of discussion. In a weak division that may be the case for much longer than I would have thought before the games started. It's a low bar, but I can't ask for much more than a product that's just worth keeping tabs on over the Summer months!


The Force finished their season with a loss on Friday night which secured them a best of three series in Des Moines, starting on Monday night. Now the title defense starts in earnest, and it's a long way to go to repeat!

High School Sports

Winter has still limited the amount of opportunity that the high school team's have had to compete. With Thursday's Blizzard, the delay seems sure to continue into this week but it will end, eventually.

There was one game that I made it to, and I got some great pictures from it. Fargo North crossed the river for an afternoon of Softball against Moorhead. The Spuds managed to outscore the Spartans but for the game gallery, go the photo section!