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Sunday Roundup - Highlights


The usual slate of suspects put time in this week. The Baseball team suffered through some cancellations while the men's Golf team teed off in Nevada. Softball had an up, down and up weekend in Flordia. All of it sandwiched in between the three main events.

At the start of the week was the historic visit by the Football team to the Capital. If you haven't seen photos yes, I would encourage you to do a quick search! Then on the weekend came a pair of national championships by the chuckster himself, Payton Otterdahl Friday & Saturday. To follow that up, the Basketball team defeated Oral Roberts to advance to the second round of the Summit League tournament. A week like no other,, if you hadn't put it together.


For Moorhead State, the week reached it's zenith as the women's Basketball team won it's way to the NSIC championship and in the process earned a berth in the national tournament. They found out on Sunday that they would head onto the national stage as the fifth seed and will face Duluth, again. The fire breathers had plenty more go on but that was unquestionably the highlight of the week!


Track & Fielder Matt Bye put together a strong showing at nationals for the second time in as many years. He fell short of the highest honors but made progress on the road to becoming an All-American. See the full recap, because he & his team deserve it!

High School Sports

Davies made it all the way to Class A championship before falling to the undefeated Jamestown Blue Jays. The ending wasn't as planned but to me doesn't take anything away from the great season that the Eagles had this year! After the horn had sounded came the announcement of all tournament team and player of the year. West Fargo's Luke Lennon left the Bismarck Civic Center with the highest individual distinction in the state.