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Sunday Roundup 5/19/19


For the Bison it was a weekend that began with promise and ended with disappointment. Going into Friday the Softball team had a tall task on it's had to force a third game, much less make it out of the regional but they competed well against some of the nation's best teams. It's an effort that doesn't take any of the shine off the tremendous season that they once again had!

For the Baseball team, it's a bit of a different story. A doubleheader on Friday against SDSU only needed to be split for them to secure a spot in Omaha. Over the 18 innings of play the Bison scored as many runs as the Jacks notched, except that NDSU did over both games while the Rabbits did it in one, then came back to drop an eight pack. Like I said, disappointing but thus ends the bat & ball season for all but the high school and semi-pro teams.

The other excellent bunch of Spring sporters have a chance to send a group to national's again. Before they can make those travel plans they'll have to show up at the West regionals later this week. Here's to a better showing from those young men & women!


The long pause is still looming but Matt Bye has managed to hold it at bay for a little while longer! The Decathlete will travel to the D3 national meet for the second year in a row with ambition of returning to Moorhead as an All-American next weekend. Best wishes!


For a few hours the Twins had the best record in the league as they got to their first 15 games over .500 record since 2010. Today's outcome over the pitiful Mariners should not take away from those tremendous early season outcomes. The roster holes remain but so far the nuclear bats have been able to prevent the holes from wrecking too many games. All signs point to a very enjoyable summer of Major Baseball!

High School Sports

It's hard to believe but season's have already begun to wind down - because Winter hung on for so dang long! As graduations and playoff runs rapidly approach, team's from all around the triumvirate make their last preparations. With it being marathon week, high school games took a back seat but still managed to be noteworthy.


The first games of the weekend were an adventure as one could expect for the early part of the year. After losing 3-0 on Friday they bounced back to win 7-2 with a pair of the runs coming off the bat of Yhoxian Medina. The yo-yo slammed back just as quick with an 8-1 loss to end series number one. They don't have much time to digest and unravel how to make Saturday the trend with games every day through the end of the month, including the next seven at the Outdoor against Milwaukee & Texas. If they can be even fractionally as fun to watch as the Twins are currently, then it'll be a very fun Summer of ball!


The inevitable happened, the Summer's Football team gave up some points this week. It wasn't until the second half and the points against were scored against the offense (pick six) which means they still haven't trailed in a game this year. Maybe they never will. I wouldn't wager on that but they've lead through all 12 quarters so far and that's what counts! The running game continued to be an afterthought this week but the pitch & catch more than made up for it with three different receivers chipping in with touchdowns, lead by two from Constant Jackson who also lead every offensive player on the field with 108 yards. Quarterback Ja'vonte Johnson could have been better but was more than good enough to lead the team to the multi-touchdown victory.


Few things shut down the town quite like the marathon and it's many components. While the weather may not have cooperated on a day to day basis, all the races went off as scheduled. If you somehow missed it on one of the platforms, you can see photos from all the days either in the gallery section or in the last blog post!