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Sunday Roundup 4/28


I covered all the draft picks but in the event that you missed the, check out the Vikings section!


With May looming it once again has become tournament season for competitors at all three of the local colleges. For NDSU that started with a fifth place finish by the women's Golf team while the men just started their three days of play today. In between those times on the links were a normal amount of time on the diamonds by the bat & ball squads. For the Softball team that meant a sweep of Omaha in which they only gave up one run while scoring 34. They're a powerhouse that seems to go under the radar every bit as much as the Track & Field teams. For good measure, the Baseball team also took care of business against Western Illinois. It wasn't enough to get them into the top half of the division but in a year that's more wide open than it has been, getting a bit of a foothold as they now have was an important development!

And then came the little thing known as the NFL draft. As I've suspected and said many times since the season started, Easton Stick got the call to become the backup to Philip Rivers.

For a compilation of all my thoughts on the draft, check out the dime!


In similar fashion. Moorhead State also had some tournament action this week. The Golf team had their final go of the year, finishing in double digits on the leaderboard. The Track team also got into some conference wide competition which concludes on Monday after having various activities every day since Tuesday. From here on out, all that the Fire Breathers have on the docket is T & F events, for as long as they're able to sustain those.

The Softball team also wrapped their season this week with six straight losses.


Like the others, Concordia started hitting the brakes on sports for the 18/19 school year. Even with that fact coming into play, Baseball, Softball, Track & Field and Golf all got time in against other schools from around the region. Each one managed get victory or a noteworthy accomplishment before Sunday came but the overall was negative. The best things to come from the Cobbs were top 3 finishes by both T & F team with the men taking first place.


The Twins had another series against the Orioles and went deep again against them like they were hitting off of a tee! When the bats are working, this team can out score a lot of foes. It's not the best strategy for long term and high level success but means that they will continue to be relevant over the Summer. If for no other reason than to help stave off the abyss, then that's fine by me!

High School Sports

Game's are going off at a pace to make up for some of the lost time. Now that the schedule is clear of all other elements, blogs and galleries are going to start coming at a borderline blistering pace. This week however, I was only to make it to one location. Davies had three different sports going on at their campus and got to shoot some of each so take a peek if you're an Eagle backer!


Game 1 of the Invaders season was the sort of performance that could get people who are in town on the weekends over the summer to come to Sid Sichy! It was 33-0 at the half and Western Dakota was shutout in the second half while Fargo tacked on another 16. They scored running, catching, on defense and by kicking, A dominant effort to get their season under way! Quarterback Ja'Vonte Johnson finished with five passing scores to five different players. It's just game 1, just one game but that's a dandy of start for the Summer squad!