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Sunday Roundup


The Bison get the lead this week thanks to the Summit League champion men's Basketball team. The road was eased when the bunnies were slain eight days ago, but NDSU earned every bit of the trophy that they had on display at the bracket watch party. In the event that you haven't heard by now, NDSU will take to the court for a first four game against North Carolina Central with the winner advancing to play Duke. That's a tall task to keep the season going into next week but if NDSU can stay hot from behind the arc then they may be able play spoiler or at least just challenge for all 40 minutes. It was a great way to end a packed week in mid March.

Baseball & Softball carried the majority of the weight, with the ladies spending even more time on the diamond than the guys were scheduled to even before some rainouts.

The Spring season for Track & Field started this week with the usual suspects picking up right where they left off from the Winter schedule. Ho-hum, Payton Otterdahl set a new school record - this time with the discus. The guy is a machine and may never be matched with what he's been able to do this year!

Both Golf teams also teed up this week with the women playing in Nevada first then in Utah. The guys went to work in the Phoenix area. The weather's finally looks to be turning up here but it's nothing like what all the outdoor sports must be enjoying in the Southern parts of the country, and at a high level in what they're doing!


The Vikings waved their $ wand again and managed to find a way to afford Anthony Barr. They also brought back Shamar Stephen but for my full thoughts on the first week of free agency, check out the post!

Also dropped the second edition of Vikings Mock Draft speculation. Eight picks, all done in depth. If you like the Vikings, it's the type of thing you may enjoy!


Basketball also gets the first nod for the Dragons as the women's Basketball team made a valiant effort at a division 2 Sweet 16 appearance. It turned out to be the last game for one of the best players in the programs history (Jacky Volkert) but with the continuity that they have built, a round of 32 appearance could be bettered as soon as next season. The one change could come at the top with head coach Karla Nelson being a name to watch as NDSU looks to find a new head of their women's Basketball. She's just one candidate so all things could remain for next year & that would make for a great follow, again!

Away from the hardwood, Breah Anderson represented the Aquathletes at the national tournament but wasn't able to advance out of the prelims. It may not have been how she wanted it to go, but that's not too shabby either.

Which left only the Tennis team to compete before Spring break. They swept the University of Mary in Bismarck for their only outing of the two week window.


Concordia started the week with a five spot of Baseball games with only one going the way of the Cobbs. A 4-0 win last Sunday gave way to three losses in which they scored a combined 4 runs while allowing 20 total runs. Tough.

After a few days off, both Track & Field teams and Tennis teams put in time yesterday. Track & Field's event was the alumni meet with no results being recorded or posted. Meanwhile, the racket squad's tried but each came up short. For the guys it was a 5-4 loss against Saint John's while the women fell 8-1 against Saint Benedict. As they had their Spring break this week it was a bit on the light side but the competitors still managed to have some forgettable moments.