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Minnesota ended the day without any additions at Safety but they did make a swap at linebacker, adding Ryan Connelly and waiving Hardy Nickerson.

Beyond the 53, they filled 13 of this year's 16 practice squad spots.

Jake Browning & Nate Stanley were both retained, which supports the notion that they're thinking creatively & aggressively about the future of the position. That's not enough to draw any greater conclusions but is a good sign. Beyond that, there are a host of other players that I expect will be doing good work for the team in future years.

Of the group of players who were released yesterday, all but Zach Johnson were welcomed back by the same franchises that they had been with yesterday. Given the chance to reaudition at the next pro day ZJ may find himself in the same position that his former teammates currently are.

So for his sake, and that of several other pro-minded players, hopefully it takes place this time!

MSUM 🤼 broke through with some good news, as Ryan Stenson & Jaden Oestern were recognized as Scholar All-Americans.

Beyond that, it was quiet on the Eastside this week.

Even though the revised 🏈 schedule wasn't set to start until the 26th here's another chance to check out this year's preview!

Unless things drastically change in the coming weeks, Moorhead State will join the seasonal sports on the void list for the immediate future.

It's a far cry from actual gameplay but here's another chance to read up on the team.sat empty on what would have been an amazing day for the game!

It's a far cry from actual gameplay but here's one more chance to read up on the team.

With everything being wiped out through the end of the year, Concordia will be another voided spot most weeks between now and January.

TC stood pat as the trade deadline came and went on Monday.

The players responded with five straight wins and could have made it six if not for the bullpen getting bludgeoned this afternoon.

They'll need to keep getting sharper and the more healthy that guys get the better, but even with the week that was, it's tough to have confidence that they'll live up to the hype.

The birds did just about all they could to dig out of their hole in the AABL's standings. But alas, the late winning streak was for not as they were eliminated from playoff contention with today's loss to Milwaukee.

They will conclude the year in St. Paul, Tuesday - Thursday.

Another full week of games with photos & a recap of Sheyenne's win on Friday night. But the Moorhead girl's ⚽️ team is quickly becoming the top story in the area. In three games they've scored 41 goals and allowed a grand total of zero by their opponents. That is dominance personified and in a shortened season they don't need to worry too much about wearing themselves out in these early games.