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SR: Closing September

Updated: Sep 28

Purple Pass or Punt #3

Somehow sports history continues to be written. Minnesota's game today was no exception, as Cook & Jefferson were the first pair in league history to finish with 175 yards each.









Classic Wolves shenanigans happened this week.

First in the form of the team's current face being absent from the workouts that are happening right now.

As we've all had to watch the former malcontent get his current team to the brink of the league finals, we get another example of why KAT may be the latest big box score that can't lead the club to such heights.

THEN one of the semi-key guys got arrested, which is great one level but as far as 🏀 goes really stinks!

Central division champions!

Sergio Romo made it unnecessarily interesting with maybe his worst relief appearance of the season - great going into the postseason - but Chicago's Baseball Bears finished off the Sox to clinch it for Minnie!

The cherry on top is that they get Houston in the first round and this is not the championship club of recent years. To wit, they're the only playoff team to be below .500!

The 3-game series opens at 1 pm on Tuesday - ABC.

Game 2 will be on ESPN 2 at noon

And if necessary, the final game will be Thursday but time and broadcast are TBD. The times will be tough to manage game 1 will be as available for viewing as any game until the Series.

The home-dominant club will be able to add two more wins to their already sterling record - all games will be in downtown Minneapolis.

A pristine Friday night was squandered by the bye-week for EDC teams and Oak Grove was up by Grand Forks so no in-person 🏈 coverage this week - but still some great galleries as ⚽️ came into it's final days.