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SR: Semi-Full Strength

Recap from the season opener

And also, they gave Cook his long-awaited payday. With $28,000,000 in guarantees over the life of the 5-year extension, it's a mutually beneficial deal. As someone who still doesn't think extensions for RBs should happen, that is saying a lot.


That still has less to do with Cousins' shortcomings as much as the position cripples teams' ability to amass the kind of talent that KC has. Even they will get drained as Mahomes' deal kicks in.

NDSU's former 🏈 coaches had a tough Saturday against Arkansas State. But another one of the players that they recruited was on the field as Jacksonville defeated Indianapolis today. I'm speaking of course about Ben Ellefson. He wasn't one of the 10 players to record a catch in the game but he got the first opportunity to go from the practice squad to the main roster. Don't diminish the significance of that.

It continues to amaze me how D3 programs successfully operate but Concordia's 🤼 added 15 competitors from far & near.

The Cobbs also rolled out a pack of interviews with coaches from 🏈, 🏐 , men's ⚽️ & cross-country.

With 12 games to go, Minnesota put some much-needed space between themselves and Cleveland in the division. Minnesota has to sustain their winning ways as Chicago are the next four on the schedule.

There are other ways that TC could finish atop the Central but the best way is for them to take at least three of the next four.

Either way, they're going to be in the playoffs.

The last days of the season for the red birds were a return to earth after their elimination from the postseason. Three straight losses against Milwaukee and St. Paul brought about the finale. In professional fashion, they pulled themselves together enough to put a final L on their rivals to the Southwest, 7-4. For a nice recap of game 60, tap away!

Another week has come & gone, and with it the usual amount of high school action. Due to weather & other factors, Soccer wasn't attended this week but the crucial game between Davies & South on the gridiron did get coverage.

Then, just today, senior standout Jacksen Moni announced his commitment to play 🏀 at Northern State. Saul Phillips took over one of the best programs in the country and Sheyenne's big-man will be instrumental in keep it near the top.