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SR: End of August

Minnesota has been mostly quiet but everyone woke up to proof that they're still working hard beyond what's going on on the field. After Everson Griffen chose Dallas they identified Yannick Ngakoue as the guy to work opposite of Hunter & the deal with Jacksonville was finalized in the early hours of this morning. Crazy part is that YN agreed to take a 1/3 pay reduction to leave Jacksonville. It's unknown how Cook feels about this latest development but the face of the offense continues to be passed over, as if it wasn't weird enough when a run-first team had all the $$$ devoted to it's passing.

Also on the downside is that the draft compensation being sent in the trade may prevent them from getting one of the young stars at quarterback in the next draft.

But otherwise seems like an overwhelming win for the Purple

And with two weeks to go before the games start, it's time to talk about the whole roster. Which was done a couple of hours ago!

There was also the little matter of the team making it official that the Purple Palace would be fan free for the first two games. The decision could be extended but that's all that has been made official as of now.

The cancellation of 🏈 games against Drake & NC A & T became a rescheduling this week as the games were added to the 2022 season, ahead of the game against the deserts Wildcats.

But that was a footnote compared to the other scheduling news that was announced. October 3, 2020 Central Arkansas will be coming to the Doom Dome for what will be the biggest party in Fargo since...ever?

Even with crowd limits and restrictions on tailgating, there's no way that the school & town won't blow it out for the players who won't be taking the field whether there is a Spring season or not. A handful of seniors had already decided that Spring wasn't for them but this week Dillon Radunz made it official that he'll begin preparing for the NFL.

So yeah, Oct 3 is going to be a party!!

The second of this year's college previews was for Moorhead State as they were primed to make another jump on the D2 scene.

And in case you missed it, here's Concordia's preview!

Minnesota played but drastically disappointed, again. Optimists will say that they're in a mid-season coast, because they would have to ROYALLY foul up to not make the playoffs as currently formatted.

I'm more of the opinion that the injuries are just too much for them to overcome. There's still time for the ship to get righted but with the trade deadline tomorrow and only a few weeks of action beyond it, they're playing a version of roulette that seems all-too Minnesotan...

Maybe the most shocking thing to happen this week was accomplished by the birds. With seven straight against a team that not too long ago was the odds-on favorite to win the league, FM swept. 7-0. A couple of the wins were close while a couple were blowouts and the other three were in between. They have three-apiece against the new top three to end the regular season so their chance to rise from the dead is still very much in play, improbably!

To accomplish it they'll need hot-hitting Sam Dexter to keep putting up the kind of numbers that earned him batter of the week after six games with the team.

Beyond the four games from this week that you can read/see more about, the best thing to happen on a field IMO was Fargo North's near victory over perennial contender West Fargo. If it proves to be more than an opening night fluke then 🏈 around town will be all the better!