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Sunday Roundup 8/25/19


Most of the way through the preseason and the Vikes left the Palace unscathed. There are still lingering questions that won't be answered before the Falcons come to town in two weeks but I don't see anything other than to hope that they can practice their way through the issues.

As always, check out the Pick Six!


The theme of just stay healthy continued with the Bison as well. With the announcement by Matt Entz that Trey Lance will be the starting quarterback on Saturday, the Wednesday Words were partially devoted to the implications of the decision for the future. Then came the season preview and now that it's game week, it's time to play Score - so head over to the Facebook page & get your guesses in!!

Away from the Football field, the action is still in it's earliest stages but the Soccer team started their season with a 1-0-1 week. I rarely endorse or approve of ties in sports but playing to a double OT knot in the second game of the season is a good runner up to winning. If you want to enjoy some of the remaining warmth and sun, maybe they can be your excuse!

High School Sports

Soccer technically started last weekend in North Dakota but it wasn't until midweek that I made it to any of the fields. First up was a match between Davies & South on Tuesday then came a Moorhead doubleheader on Thursday. You can see pictures from all those matches and the next several that will be attended. They lead up to the start of Fall on Friday as Oak Grove hosted Grafton with the same drill being available if your interested in reading or seeing about that one!


The Birds of Summer weren't able to extend their league lead again this week but they managed enough wins for it to not shrink either. With seven games remaining in the season, it will all come down to their lone road series of the year. They head to St Paul for a Wednesday to Friday series where they almost need to get at least one win.

If you're going down to the cities for Saturday's Football game, Friday night at the ballpark in the capital could be a great way to start the weekend! I mean, come on, the way that it's laid out is almost too good to not take advantage!