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Sunday Roundup 8/18/19


As maybe the best send off to Summer that we will ever have, more elite Baseball came from some young Fargo residents. Fargo Post 2 is in the midst of a rain delay in a most likely win or go home scenario after they were defeated in game 1 of pool play on Friday. After securing victory on Saturday it will all come down to today's result with a slim window created by other results and runs scored. The most simple and best way is just for them to win to advance, so hopefully that's what they're able to do!

But with all due respect, that wouldn't nearly equal what the 13 year old Babe Ruth team accomplished earlier this week. After falling one game short of the Little League World Series last Summer, the team strung together an undefeated season all the way to the national championship. Which they took in one sided fashion. It's the sort of feat that should not be soon forgotten and will not be soon equaled! If someone were to put together a list of the top athletic and competitive accomplishments in Fargo's history, few things would be able to top it!

But with Fall rapidly approaching, many team's will try to be that successful.


The Vikings have the Sunday evening game so keep an eye out for the Pick Six to follow it's conclusion. In the mean time, there isn't much to say about the Purple. No major injuries since last Sunday and they also didn't keep the transaction mania going. In other words it was a nice, quiet week!


The same could be said for NDSU. Football near's the point in which the starting quarterback will be announced - it's crazy that we're that close to a game! The other Fall sports also got their season's of work under way but with little else to say yet.

Always glad to not have to talk about injuries!

On the proBison side of things, Sheperd is doing a great job for the top team in America's armpit. Through two preseason games and a bunch of practices he has shown that he deserves a chance to be amongst a 53. If Green Bay is dumb enough not to keep him on their roster then a team like the Giants or Bills or Ravens would be amongst the most likely to try and add him to their's. Deep disdain for that team aside, I don't know how they could justify the move to themselves just based on what I've seen. It's a great development that he is not alone in being able to claim, his is just the best thus far in the season!


Moorhead State also got many of their sports rolling this week but as with the previous two, there is gladly not much to say!


Ditto that for Concordia! They were the last to report so it's the least surprising that they have nothing to comment about. With only a handful of weeks til their season starts, yesterday served as the right time to drop their preview. Go check it out if you're for Moorhead's Concordia!

High School Sports

The other set of preview's that have been compiling are for some of the local high school Football team's. This week's was for the Park Christian Falcons who are looking to find out what their year's of work can lead to! Now that it's the first game week of the season, there is just one more to go before team's hit the field against each other!


The Birds of Summer have increased their lead yet again from where it was at this time seven days ago. One difference from prior weeks is that they are riding a six game winning streak that could be within one game of double digits before they leave town. Gotta take care of business against the Railcats tonight for it to remain a possibility but being that they are one of the basement dwellers, I like Fargo's chances! Typically I would wait for their Sunday game to go final before serving the Roundup but they have an odd evening game and I'd rather be early than risk letting it slip between the crack's as the Skol go main focus.