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Sunday Roundup 7/28/19

Updated: Jul 30, 2019


The Purple go camp rolling on Friday and got geared up for the first time today. So there isn't a lot to talk about, which means there haven't been any injuries. We should all be glad about that! There was one blemish of negativity as undrafted Holton Hill was popped for a second suspension which will keep him out for the first half of the season & may lead to him being off the Vikings as the cuts happen. The ripple effect, when conjoined with the absence of Mike Hughes due to last season's ACL tear, means that the team still may have a shortage when the season starts. You really never can have enough corners... But Football season is upon us, so it's time to get happy!


As with the Vikes, the Bison will soon return to being a major part of the discussions around here. A couple of the Olympic athletes decided to jump start the reintroduction! Alumni Riley Dolezal & Payton Otterdahl each represented well at the USA T & F Championships. The Bison Mountain hurled the shot to the tune of a sixth place finish while Dolezal was bested by a single centimeter on the very last throw of the competition, which meant he had to "settle" for second place. I am amongst the one's that wouldn't consider the Track & Field event's to be the most exciting competitions but that's a finish that should be remembered and may lead to even better thing's in the higher profile events that are drawing near!


There are times when grandiose statements are just meant to distract but other times when they are spot on and meant to be. And there are probably other reasons to make them as well but I would say those are subsequent & inferior. My grandiose statement is this, that if the Twins don't make big trades by the time the clock stops on Wednesday, this season will have been a waste. Now I may be wrong, but I don't think that's meant to distract or try to raise my own credibility or do any of the other things that big statements can be meant to accomplish. I just think it's the cold reality of the situation that the team is in. If no power is added by the time the window closes then it will be another piece of evidence towards the fact that the Pohlad's are the worst owner's in the Twin Cities and will never deserve to be amongst champions. But don't take that statement and forget about the bigger one. It's big trades or a busted season. The iron still has warmth but whether they strike or not is anyone's guess. I like the acquisition of Sergio Romo from the Marlins but he cannot be the top prize of the frenzy. Not if they want to do what the offense could allow them to.


The Bird's of Summer flew high out of the brief all-star break with a sweep of Lincoln, before getting swept by Winnipeg. Whatever switch that was flipped a week & a half ago needs to get unflipped in rapid fashion. Even with the sweep they're only 3 - 7 since the 17th. That they're still a game up on St. Paul despite getting swept by them during the downturn is kind of astounding! The lead needs to be wider by the time I hit the keyboard next Sunday, and with their next seven games coming at the Outdoor I think they have a good chance of doing just that!