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Sunday Roundup 6/30/19


NDSU continued to stay in the spotlight this week through the commitments of several 2020 Football players, including some from our back yard & through several men's Basketball schedule announcements. I already talked about much of it in this week's Wednesday Words so go on over & check that out if you haven't already!


We're at the very start of the NBA's official free agency period and with several massive deals already having been announced. The NBA teams & players are just that quick in getting deals done 😉 . On the home team front there has only been rumors thus far, which was what those with the most inside information had been saying during the lead up. As with the WW, I took a long form stab at some different thing's related to the Wolves and free agency, so you'll have to load that one up to find out the rest.


June was an appreciable step down from the blazing play of May but like I said before, the bat's remain potent & the professional hitters will find ways to adjust to the pitcher's adjustments. Until....unless the Twins get serious about it & make real investment in the pitching staff there's really not much else to say. They're continuing to hold a comfortable lead over Cleveland but that shouldn't be enough, even while it's fun to follow.


The same could be said for the Redhawks. Not so much about the roster improvements but about the surge. The last couple of week they've been nearly unbeatable and with the July heat on it's way the winning streak could be just beginning.

I'm not saying they'll never lose again, there are too many other good teams in the American Association for that to be true but a two week sample size may be large enough to draw accurate conclusions, it does represent 10% of their schedule after all.


As a return to their early season form, the Invaders shut down the Mud Dawgs while managing to light it up on offense. In the weekly look at "mr. 100," Ja'vonte Johnson completed just over 61% of his passed with three touchdowns & one interception. That's a good stat line but the competition needs to be factored in. Yesterday's contest was a rematch from early May and was considerably closer this time around, yet still finished with Fargo up by 3.5 touchdowns at the end. Each of the middle two Saturday's in July will take place at Shanley so if you're itching for Football, it could be a great chance to scratch!