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Sunday Roundup 6/23/19


The Summer mellow is in full effect but today included the conclusion of the annual Football camp. As is typically the case, several of the participants left Fargo with offers in hand while the team got it's fourth commitment for the 2020 signing class. in Hillsboro - CV athlete Oscar Benson. He plays both offense and defense for the Borros so it's not clear where he will play for NDSU but that brings the local tally to four out of four with several more possibilities left yet to declare their plans.


Being that it was draft week, the Wolves got about as much attention as they ever will, with the exception being a long run in the playoffs. First up was a preliminary look at something's they could have done to begin the roster fix. As far as the draft went it came down to picking either Jaxson Hayes or Nickiel Alexander-Walker. Being that both of those guy's ended up alongside Zion in NOLA, I might have to tune in for more Pelicans games next year than ever before. As for the Wolves, they made a pre-draft swap with Phoenix which gave them the #6 pick. Jarrett Culver & Jaylen Nowell seem like strange additions on the surface but for the full discussion of the draft, check the last post!


The Great SHOWmen improved on their run of avoiding even three game losing streaks by another seven days. On the way they lost a series to the Red Sox while splitting four against Kansas City. Not exactly the most impressive week thus far but does go with the larger trend of June, they've come back to earth after one of the best May's in Major League history. Adjustments to the Twins batting were bound to happen, now it's time for the bats to make their own set of adjustments so that they can back to raking balls all over the parks. Even with the flatlining of recent weeks, the Twins were able to be the first team to 50 wins in the American League and just the second in all of the bigs (Dodgers). Considering the payroll disparity, that's quite a feat and shouldn't go overlooked!


The Red bird's made fun of Sunday with a pair of sterling performances by each pitcher that they sent to the mound today. Over the 14 innings of reduced, double header play they're pitchers gave up eight hits & 1 run while striking out 10. It would have been a fine time for a power outage from the offense but they came through very well to boot, scoring 14 runs over over the twin bill. I can't say with any confidence that this means Spicy will be giving away free Pizza tomorrow but it was a much needed performance all the way around! More to the point, Sunday was the exquisite conclusion to a 6/6 week, sweeping Gary & Chicago in Fargo.


And now another entry into the day's of the "Top 100 QB." This week Ja'vonte Johnson only completed 35% of his passes with 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. He did also finish the game as the leading rusher but all that took was 16 yards so it's not much of an accomplishment. Unlike most of the other games so far this season, the Invaders did scratch out a rushing score but the 12 total points were far too few for the third week in a row. With three weeks left in the set schedule, they'll have to get it figured out & turned around in a hurry.