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SR: Rumbles During the Slumber

On the tip of the iceberg of the long-awaited weekend, there's going to a lot more this time next week but for now, check out the dream draft, which was released early last week. And while you do, remember that the operative word is DREAM. 😉

Even while the sports have been on hiatus, the teams have remained hard at work bringing in the future. Of all the players to commit in recent days and weeks, none may prove to be more impactful than the latest local - Barika Kpeenu. We'll never get to know if he and Nathan Goldade could have been as good as Ty Brooks & James Johannesson in high school but the odds are high that we will get to see them together for the champs, which will be as enjoyable, IMO.

Of the many to succumb to the effects of C-19, few have the profile of one that was lost early last week. Karl-Anthony Towns' mother, Jacqueline, passing has already served as a catalyst for more donations to be made for research and progress. That's the upside that comes from such an occurrence but that measures up minusculely compared to the pain from the loss. The same pain that people are experiencing worldwide because of the country of origin caring more about perception than life.

Aside from the aforementioned college-commitment by Kpeenu, there were also a pair of all-star game roster announcements preceding the weekend. First for 🏀 and then 🏐 . Click the emoji's to see the rosters.