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SR: Rumbles During the Slumber

Before getting into the meat of this week's sports developments, put together a little game, similar to others that have been floating around the web during the lock-in.

Pick one broadcaster for the last sporting event you'll watch.

That may seem simple enough but even as the group was being put together, it proved to not be quite as automatic of a decision.

But now onto the roundup!

In the days following what would have been the end of the tournament, a pair of Bison players were announced as members on the league academics lists. For the women it was Michelle Gaislerova making it for the second year in a row while Rocky Kreuser got the distinction for the men again this year.

As a bit of light quarantine reading, put together a compilation of the best accomplishments by the NDSU athletics department to date, in case you missed that the other day!

One of the best things to come from the pandemic shuttering all sports is the way that organizations have gone about honoring the latest set of seniors. For Concordia that has included a myriad of "salutes" that deserve a look!

While Baseball still remains very much in question, the league has been throwing all sorts of ideas against the wall. It's still too early to know which one, if any, will stick but the one that made the most waves this week would lead to a season being played at least partly in Florida in what would be the biggest shake-up to the game since it's inception! There's no perfect answer to the issue but the fact that the game with all the unwritten rules it looking at such extremes further reinforces how long-lasting the effects of the pandemic may be.

In what seems like it would be the last awards of the year, Fargo players continued to collect hardware. On Monday, Brian Kramer & Austin Crossley received the Outstanding Defensemen award. Wednesday it was Kaden Bohlsen who was tabbed as an Outstanding Forward award recipient. Then, on Friday, the week wrapped up with Lynden Breen being named MVP.