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SR: Future Week

For the second week in a row, the Purple were a major part of the sports news cycle. This time it came as the league revealed the 2020/2021 schedule. Already dove into the SKOLdule once and the only other thing that has crossed the wire since Thursday night is that the way it is laid out may be drastically altered depending on the persistence of the virus. So, for example, the random Friday night game on Christmas may not actually be when Minnesota faces New Orleans. When the games are played doesn't alter how I think their final record will turn out even though it would throw plenty of other things for a loop!

Speaking of that invisible pest, it's already put a damper on the highly anticipated trip from Fargo to Eugene. At present, the game hasn't been canceled but the Oregon governor extended crowd size limits through September which may be the first step toward it not happening. Considering the draft hype surrounding Trey Lance already, it would be a tremendous litmus test for him. Beyond him though is the impact it is set to have on NDSU's athletics budget. It's possible that Oregon would still pay some amount as a settlement but less than the $650,000. It's too early to say either way but a decision in the next couple of weeks seems likely.

Concordia entered the fray this week with the announcement of their latest recruiting class for Softball. Bringing players from each of the tri-states and one from Calgary, the Cobbers added talent in the classroom and on the field but they already did a great job of highlight the accomplishments of their incoming players, so check it out!

The 🏒 team also added to their crop of future players with a 30 member draft between Monday and Tuesday that you can see more about with one click!