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SR: Rumbles During the Slumber

This week the Purple locked in a few more guys that may be around to fill out the last few spots of the roster in the Fall but it was an otherwise mundane week for that squad. The most noteworthy development of the week may be that we ticked under a month until the draft is set to go off, which prompted some mock draft talk, ICYMI.

Just when things seemed like they were going to copasetic in North Fargo, the most accomplished of the universities head coaches decided to hang-up his whistle. After 41 years, Don Larson stepped down from his role with the men's Track & Field team. He may only be surpassed by the accomplishments of the Stevie Keller but the duration isn't even close so the nod goes the way the of the retiree. So for the second straight year, Matt Larsen will have a tall task on his hands with a coaching search. Considering what he managed to find in Jory Collins, I like his chances of finding someone to keep the success going. In other Track & Field news, both halves lead the league from the classroom. There were eight from the men & five from the women to do the "student" part just as well as the "athlete" portion.

This week also included the annual "Mid-Major All-American" list and Tyson Ward was the fourth Bison player to ever be included. Since he was just as good in Sioux Falls as Shahid but didn't get co-MVP it means that the team's two best players still end the year with some rare accolades.

Fargo also got some post-season recognition this week as Tristan Broz & Noah Beck were announced as rookies of the year. That announcement came on the heels of Mason Salquist getting most improved player. It's further proof the team was trending upward but like all the others, we won't ever know what their ceiling was this year.

The North Dakota All-State teams were announced this week. Of the four from the East who made the cut, three were from our area. Cameron Van Dam was the lone member on the first team while Cayden Rickard & Blake Berg were second team. As for Mr. Basketball, Carson Henningsgard was a finalist from Hillsboro but Grant Nelson & Boden Skunberg finished 1-2 in the voting. It doesn't always work out that way but it's a bit more proof that NDSU has a couple of good ones coming their way! And now we wait to see if there will be some semblance of a Spring season...