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SR: Rumbles during the Slumber

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

While not quite a 30 for 30, the Football team had it's documentary debut this week. I was skeptical that justice would be done but it captured the successes of the program quite well. If you haven't seen it, here's your chance!

Minnesota began the earnest work of reshaping the roster with a flurry of activity early in the week, which were dissected here. On the heels of those moves, the team locked up their special-teams battery instead of retaining their cornerback corps. Considering all the history, it's nice to know they have a great chance at at-least competent production by the specialists but the quandary over the direction of the team remains.

In the latest sign that the big league season will be at minimum shortened, the Twins have begun the work of refunding money. It's still hard for me to believe that they'll go ahead with it but maybe the ownership doesn't have any other option.

Unlike so many other leagues, the United States Hockey League pulled the plug on their season this week. Considering the uncertainty and time of year, it was the right decision but nonetheless is a tough break for the players. For Fargo's part, they ended the year tied for the fourth-best record in the league, second-best in the West.

As the book is closed on 🏀 for the year, the awards still needed to be handed out. The finalists for Mr. Basketball were announced, including two of the three future Bison players. The one who did not make the cut was Davies Grayson Haman. He was accompanied on the outs by every other local player.

On the Miss Basketball side of things, Reile Payne was the lone finalist from the Fargo area. After the votes were counted she was announced as the fourth Shanley player to claim the honor.