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SR: 2/19/20

The week started with visits by two of the Summit's best teams to Fargo. On Wednesday it was the men from Vermillion making the trip north. Behind another sterling performance by Vinnie Shahid (21 points) the Bison edged the Coyotes 72 - 70. They also got 18 big points from Tyree Eady and the game-winner by Tyson Ward (14 points). The nationally-ranked Yotes women came up on Thursday and lived up to the distinction, winning 80 - 36. Due to the weather, only the Track teams got work in on Saturday but as they have so often, it came with success by both the men & the women! The blizzard created a Sunday doubleheader against UND which the home team swept. 27 & 11 by Ward lead everybody and Shahid poured in 22 more, with 10 by Eady rounding out the bulk of the offense as they finished with the 83 - 74 win. The women followed it up with their first home D1 win of the season, 92 - 82. Ryan Cobbins & Michelle Gaislerova finished with the game-high of 22 points while Sofia Zivaljevic added 15 and Rylee Nudell added 11. It's all the more impressive because leading scorer Emily Dietz only played for nine minutes, scoring only three points, all in the final three minutes of the game.

The fire land felt the impact of the storm to their Swim & and Track teams. The Basketball teams got out ahead of it however, all the way to Nebraska. The women lost 73 - 78 while the men were victorious 82 - 71. Gavin Baumgartner lead the way with 24 & 9, Jack Rusch added 20 points and Johnny Beeninga chipped in with 10. They came back on Saturday in Sioux Falls but the women lost again, this time in overtime, 63 - 60. The men made it a two-win weekend 78 - 68 over Augustana with 23 more by Baumgartner, Bryce Irsfeld chipped in with 17 off the bench while Kaedrick Williams added 10 & 8. The Wrestling team also faced Augustana but lost 33 - 7 to finish the week.

The corn started the week with a one-point loss by the men's Basketball team to Martin Luther, 73 - 72 on Monday. Against Gustavus Adolphus on Wednesday, things didn't much better for them, 78 - 58. The women picked up a big-time win over GA 75 - 65 behind a 20 point effort by Mary Sem. Autumn Thompson & Elizabeth Birkemeyer added 12, Emily Beseman finished with 11 & Bailee Larson had 9 & 9. The Hockey teams were next, with the men in Eau Claire, losing 7 - 2 while the women hosted St. Catherine and won 5 - 1. All five goals came in the first two periods, from five different players and before the zero was removed from the visitor side of the board. The favor was reciprocated as they were shutout in the rematch, 3 - 0. Similarly, the men's outcome was flipped as they won 3 - 2, in comeback fashion over the second and third periods. Aaron Herdt got the first two goals and Joe Burgmeier had the game-winner.

After an extended absence, Towns made his return this week but that wasn't enough to avoid an 0 - 4 week. Also worth noting was the trade of Jeff Teague to Atlanta for a different expiring contract that may give them another data point to use when recruiting free agents and figuring out their approach to the draft. I would be surprised if they don't make another trade, even more than one but at least one more exchange before the deadline. The Teague trade will make it even more interesting how they go about the duties of ball-handling but Wiggins had a triple-double yesterday so may he can show some more of that to help the team in the future or increase his value to other clubs.

The HOWL weren't the only team to make a splashy transaction this week as the bombers added another bat in the form of Josh Donaldson. It's another step forward as they look to make another historic offense but as with this previous year, it may not be enough if they don't add another top of the rotation level starter from somewhere. The most likely route at this point would be via trade but who should be given up is a matter of varying opinion. My preference would be that they move prospects over guys that have shown they can hack it in the majors. There's plenty of talent where the future won't get demolished by one trade of minor leaguers but the present is too enticing to prioritize possible future returns over what could be had now with who they have on the roster.

Fargo dismantled Des Moines to the tune of a 10-goals-to-1 two-game series this weekend. That pretty much speaks for itself if you ask me.

A shorter week because of the storm but managed a trip to Park Christian for boys Basketball as they hosted Fosston on Thursday. It was a competitive game that the home team eeked out in the end, but you know what to do for more!