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Transition Time

Sounding off on #5.

The second quarter of the pro Football season began today, but here's a look at how the first one concluded for the university's players. In addition to that review, two of the team's current players were recognized for their performance last Saturday. Junior linebacker James Kaczor & sophomore fullback Hunter Luepke were named the conference performers of the week. Given the circumstances, there weren't any other games from which they could choose. The two of them fully earned the recognition though, that's for sure!

And then there's the lead story of the week, Trey Lance's decision. The phenom did what no quarterback outside of the FBS level has ever done in declaring for the draft. Now comes the long wait for the scouting combine and pro day, but the main takeaway is the history that the 20-year-old is already making.

But that's not all.

With the Dome now quiet, eyes of the fans can turn south to the SHAC. A small portion of the men's revised schedule came out this week as they'll be back in Milwaukee for a multi-team event set to start on Black Friday. The four-team pool also includes Milwaukee, Ball State & Southern Mississippi. Further specifics are scarce but six weeks from now the return to normalcy may take another step!

The Corns kept their social activism campaign going.

Fargo's 🏒 team was scheduled to host Sioux Falls yesterday until a late scratch forced them to have an inter-squad scrimmage that they opened to the public. With a combined 38 shots & 7 goals this team might have some offensive juice this season!

Fall seasons have begun to conclude.


But it wasn't without some final complications.

Despite being the most diligent of all the teams that I've seen about measures to prevent the spread, the Mustangs boys Soccer team was affected for a third time. Then, due to a HS AA decision to continue the state tournament, their JV squad played on Friday & Saturday. Which in my mind makes it the most asterisk stricken of any sporting event. I get the decision for several reasons, but another group of players was robbed and there's far less excuse for it now.

Beyond that major development this week, games went on as scheduled. Once again, Sheyenne proved where they are in the 🏈 standings while Moorhead ⚽️ teams concluded their regular seasons against Brainerd.

Last but not least, the Shanley girls ️⛳️ team finished with the best score, nine shots better than second-place Century. On the individual level, the script was flipped for first place as Shanley's top scorer, Greta McArthur, finished three shots behind Hannah Herbel from Century.