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Sunday Roundup 7/14/19


Summer League is a rough equivalent of Spring Baseball games or preseason Football. It's mostly inconsequential but for a couple of the guys that are looking to be amongst a 15 man roster, it couldn't be more valuable. The Timberwolves are the only team that has yet to lose and they'll go up against the Tyus Jones' new team tomorrow night for the championship. The guys who should be doing well have continued to do so and Naz Reid has made some nice plays as the lone member of this year's draft day crew. The two players outside of Reid, Josh Okogie & Keita Bates-Diop that I would like to see at least brought onto the Iowa roster are Mitch Creek & Jordan McLaughlin. The latter point guard should be retained because he's familiar with what they want, the team is familiar with what he does well, he's done a good job playing for them & the position is way too thin. As for the river kid, once the wing position gets more sorted out, the roster will need more three point shooting and he's shown a propensity to put the ball through from deep. Whether they win tomorrow night or not, there has already been a lot shown through the effort of young players looking to get a chance in the world's top league. That's a win in my book.


With just one series this week due to the all-star break, the Twins came out and gained back some of the lost lead to Cleveland by taking the first two games of the series before dropping the finale today. They'll have plenty of more chances to re-extend their division lead but it was a step in the right direction. The all-star game included a good inning of pitching by Berrios and more effective play by Jorge Polanco. Doesn't make up for the lack of representation but maybe they're efforts will help some of the other guy's make the show next Summer!

High School Sports

The last high school Football action took place in Grand Forks on Saturday evening with both of the East's teams coming away with the victory. For the 9-man squad it was Thompson grad Marcus Hughes who showed out on the way to victory. His four touchdowns included a pass, two catches & a run. Not bad for a guy that's going on to play Baseball in college! The local star for the 11-man game was Dawson Weisenberger as he caught a touchdown and handled the kicking duties for the EDC bunch. Probably won't serve him when he's playing at NDSU next year but it's a fun fact!

Monday and Tuesday will include the Lions All-Star Basketball game in Bismarck then at West Fargo high. One last chance to see some of the area's best hoop it up and photos from all four games will be available the day after.


The red birds are continuing to mow down opponents at a ferocious rate. Eight consecutive series have gone the way of the Newman bunch. On nights when the pitching isn't at it's best, the offense picks it up and vice versa. The lone blemish is that even with the scorching rate of victory they haven't been able to pull away from St. Paul just yet. If they can continue to win series as they have been though, it shouldn't be too much longer before some breathing room comes into effect.


In only their second home game in two months, the semi-amateurs further solidified their position at the bottom of the four team league. Any given day can still come into effect but my advice is to not hold out for them to do what they've struggled to do for most of the year.

For his part, "mr. 100" managed to put up good yardage and completed two touchdown passes, but peppered in three interceptions as well, which the one dimensional offense was not able to overcome. They will have two more games and couple possibly stretch it to three but I would advise you to not hold your breathe on that possibility. With all the college and high school team's kicking off in just a few weeks, there are plenty of Football fixes coming, if the Invaders aren't getting it done for you!