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SR: 12/22/19


Not much to say about the Vikings since they haven't played over the last seven days but with the pro-bowl rosters being announced there is something to say. I've read repeatedly that Vikings fans think Eric Kendricks will be all-pro this year yet he wasn't included in the pro-bowl roster. He's having a good enough season for both but to get the higher recognition on the heels of the snub seems unlikely. I could be wrong about it but only time will tell. After the big game tomorrow, check back with the break-down on the game and while you're here, leave a comment with how you think the border-battle will go!


M Week went swimmingly for NDSU! Started off with a visit by the Montana State men's Basketball team, Vinnie Shahid finished with 24 & Tyson Ward had a 19/13 night to lead the way to a 79-65 win without the still ailing Sam Griesel & Jared Samuelson. They followed that up with a Friday night date with Marquette that I was in attendance for. The 82 - 68 final score does not reflect at all how well NDSU played against a possible Sweet 16 team. For all but about three minutes of the game, the Bison hung right with the Golden Eagles but Markus Howard showed what it means to have a transcendent talent on the roster. Maybe if NDSU had been full strength the outcome would have been different but even as things were, it was a great showing!

Which continued right on into Saturday as Montana State's Football team entered the Dome only to face the same fate as so many others. As always happened, didn't nail every part of the game day prediction but was spot on with my guess as to Trey Lance's touchdown total as the guy's steam-rolled their way to Frisco again. They'll face the non-con rival JMU in a couple of weeks, if you hadn't heard already.

The positive mojo went right on into Sunday as the women's Basketball team hosted Waldorf. All nine Bison players scored at least three points with Gaislerova & Nudell finishing with 18 while Rimdal added 17. Which all added up to way more points than were needed because their opponent could only muster 26 points.

Now everything goes quiet for the Bison for Christmas week.


The Basketball teams split a pair against Northern State in the only action by Moorhead State this week. The women had four players in double-figures, led by Sarah Jacobson with 18 as they won by a 77 - 58 margin. The men got 15 from Siman Sem but were otherwise whamboozled by Saul Philips' squad, 95 - 64.

High School

With a trip to Milwaukee high school action went on the back burner this week but I would be remiss to not mention a historic accomplishment that took place this week. Park Christian's Karley Motschenbacher scored her 2,000th point this week, a feat that may become more common with the trend toward three-point scoring but should be appreciated for the rare occurrence that it is and in the big picture always will be.