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S or N: Vikings Vent I

The classical definition for Slobberknocker is a literal hard hit. I'm going to play off that somewhat in a more figurative manner. While in contrast, and maybe more obviously, the Naw's are things that shouldn't have happened and/or need to change.


Dalvin Cook was the only four quarter positive today for the Vikings. Shouldn't be ignored but is minimized due to the result.


After an abhorrent first quarter that wasn't to be overcome, the defense settled in and showed their quality. I'm giving it a positive mark because of the final three quarters but a veteran laden defense should not have that kind of a performance. There's no excuse for it at this point.

And those are the positives.

Guaranteed Disappointment

Over the Summer I came to the conclusion that this is the make or break season for Cousins. I'm likely not the first to think it or write it but today was just the latest example of why it's not going to work. To resolve that, the Vikings need to go quarterback in the first round of the next draft. As for today's abomination, for every good throw that he managed to complete, there was one that was an unmitigated disaster! As the pressure mounted in the fourth quarter he seemed to get worse. Sort of like the anti - Kyle Sloter. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but there's zero reason to at this point in the three year experiment.


Between the dynamic duo at receiver, each managed to help the Vikings make it competitive but Diggs made the helmet error - reminiscent of the Miracle - which offset the boost that the touchdown scored. That was the most glaring mistake he made but not only thoughtless or selfish decision which the rest of the squad couldn't overcome.

Cheesy Zebras

Some of the Diggs negativity can be spread to the officiating. What a one sided pack of rats they were today! Maybe I shouldn't be surprised since that always seems to be the case but it's still a load of crap which won't get dealt with adequately.

Same Old Story

The more Football I watch, the more I come to appreciate the difficulty of long field goals, or extra points in today's game. Even so, highly compensated men who really have nothing else to do but master the act have very little excuse for not being able to do it at a near 100% clip. Some of the blame for the team's inability to find such a man falls on Zimmer. Probably even more than I recognize, cause I don't think it's a coincidence that the team with the best kicker in the NFL has a head coach who ran special teams while our HC has as close to a zero tolerance policy as any of the 32. Even for that persistent defect in his coaching, one of the many who have been hired by the team should have been professional enough to make a flipping kick when needed!

I have little doubt that there are more subtle parts of the game that factored into the disaster but I don't think any are on par with the four that I chose. By all means, vent out your own frustrations about it with ones you agree about and ones that you think are more deserving of mention!