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Southies, Squared

17 - 6 after eight minutes of play in game 1. That was how Shanley started the game and things didn't change much over the 28 minutes that remained. Not to overlook that Sheyenne made several surges that cut the lead to five points but after each instance, the Deacons found a counter. None may have been more impactful than the final five points of the half to take it from 33 - 28 to 38 - 28, Shanley in the final moments before the horn.

The Deacons kept it rolling in the second half, widening their advantage to 20 points & beyond. Sheyenne did narrow it to 16 late in the game but the momentum didn't swing any further than that for them before Shanley re-exerted themselves to push the lead back to 21.

Final Score

Shanley 71, Sheyenne 49

Jadyn Feist finished with 15 & Paige Johnson added 9 for Sheyenne. Olivia Manuel led all scorers with 18, Reile Payne added 14 in limited minutes for fouls & Hadley Huber added 11, 9 from the free-throw line.

Game 2 started with a similar bang by the home team as they jumped out to a 10 - 2 lead. The Deacons kept on scoring but Sheyenne got out of the early funk and erased the deficit in a few possession. Their first lead came 24 - 23 nearly 10 minutes into the game and was followed by a brief game of see-saw before the Mustangs ran away with the game. From 27 - 25, Sheyenne went on a 15 - 3 run, from which the Deacons could not recover. At the intermission, the score was 47-30. Shanley did manage to trim it down to 51 - 43 but they were stymied again after that and Sheyenne went on to even the night at one win apiece.

Final Score

Sheyenne 92, Shanley 71

Talon Hoffer finished with a game-high 20 for Shanley and was joined in double-figures by Patrick Bath with 16. For Sheyenne, Blake Berg led with 16 while Tyler Terhark, Zion Dettmann, Barika Kpeenu, Jacksen Moni, Chuck DuBois & Jah'Heem Leake all added at least eight points.

Pictures of the Games