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Round Two

The only round the rest of the way that currently only has 1 pick. So here's the spotlight during the break in the action.

OL highlights are a bit tough to come by, not shocking. But did manage to find this brief breakdown of some of what he can do in games.

As arguably the second-highest need, it was a dream scenario when the Vikings got back on the clock in the second round. Two linemen that some people thought could have been first-round picks and a cornerback with the same consideration as well. So I'm going to believe that the team thought Cleveland was the best available of that small bunch. If he can be a LT version of Brian O'Neill then things are going to get A LOT better in MN in a hurry!

Cliche letter grade for the pick: A

As of now, the Purple are set to pick two more times tonight so I'll hit the keyboard after those picks happen. Before hitting publish though, the ripple-effect that the Cleveland selection has is that the team is reportedly done with the conversation with Washington for Trent Williams. Whether that's posturing or not, we'll find out but there's almost certainly going to be plenty more trades by the team over the next 22 hours.