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Second Half Split

After the third possession of the game Moorhead & Alexandria were locked at 7 points apiece. The game would remain a tie into and through the second quarter, during which each team was unable to capitalize on a special opportunity. For the Spuds it was a moderately long field goal while the Cardinals failed to take advantage of a fumble that they were able to scoop up.

So the two pseudo-rivals returned to the locker rooms with a tie and designs on making adjustments to outplay the other.

Photo of the Game

It took all of one possession for the Cardinals to show that their adjustments were right on the money. Simple though it is, it seemed to all start with the effort that they put forth. It seemed to me that once they were back on the field, Alexandria's physicality was markedly higher. In a game that has been intrinsically physical since it's inception 150 years ago, that's still a major factor in determining outcomes.

It didn't help Moorhead's cause that a few minutes into play resuming their future NDSU lineman was being carter off with an ankle injury that I wish I could unsee. I think to their credit the Spuds managed to rebound from the series of punches that they were hit with at the start of the second half but the damage had been done and the Cardinals had found their groove.

Running back Nolan Morical crossed the line three times while quarterback Matthew Carlsen ran one in & threw for another. It was the sort of a performance that clearly demonstrated why they're ranked in the top five in Minnesota.

The severity of Seth Anderson's injury is not yet known, and it may not ever become public knowledge, but for his teammates who came through unscathed, it is another opportunity to learn and become better. As only the second game of the year there is plenty of time do those things but that doesn't make this particular pill any easier to swallow.

Player of the Game

Nolan Morical

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