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Late, Early

On the first evening of inclement weather so far this Football season both Davies & South were faced with something else to overcome.

For each team, there was a clear goal - for Davies, stay undefeated; for South, get the win and keep the chance to make the playoffs alive.

It took all of one play for the tone of the game to be set as Davies pooched the kick-off but South was able to wrangle the ball. The Eagles aggressiveness manifested again, a few plays later when Colten Alme jumped a pass & held on for the interception.

At the end of the possession, Alme also got to score the first points of the night & only points of the first quarter.

After another brief chance by the Bruins, Davies went ahead 14-0 with a goal-line plunge. Despite their record coming in, South has shown the ability to score with anyone and when they got the ball back they did just that.

After also managing to get close to the end zone it was QB Peyton Kessel who knocked the zero out. But in like fashion, Davies also had a response, though of a more explosive sort as Alme got his second score of the night to put his team back up 14.

The second-quarter surge wasn't done yet, either.

As he did against Shanley, Bakarr Fullah broke free for a long touchdown only 17 seconds later to make it a 7-point game once again. The pinball of points were stopped there as the rain poured down and each team became more deliberate so that the clock kept moving.

The next set of 12 minutes were a struggle for each team with penalties & errors happening as much as first downs.

Which still left the fourth quarter.

The Bruins possessed the ball into the final frame but were stymied at mid-field into a turnover on downs.

Davies didn't do any better as they coughed the ball up to set up the final points of the evening. Despite the wet and the chill, all it took were two throws by Kessel to Kameron Arechigo to bring the deficit to a single point. One kick and the game would be tied.

As the ball sailed through the air, it had enough height and the length was plenty good enough

but left it went and the Eagles remained ahead.

Time also remained, more than 4.5 minutes in fact.

So South mustered up what it left and forced a punt.

99 seconds left, any score for a win.

It's what dreams are made of.

But the dream was not to be.

And so the clock hit quad-zeros.

Davies 21, South 20

One interception

Two touchdowns

Over 100 yards rushing

Colten Alme

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