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Running Bronco

Since the "Statue of Liberty" player, Boise State has been on the national map - though in diminishing ways over the last couple of years. They've had players make the jump to the professional league every year but with mixed results. I still think of Ian Johnson as the chief of the Broncos but Doug Martin & Jay Ajayi have had solid NFL careers which altogether may bode well for the selection that the Vikings made to end Friday.

After a flurry of trades that kind of made me want to put my head in a vice, the Vikes finally settled on an actual player - Alexander Mattison. While in the Potato state, he was only a moderate contributor in the passing game but more than made up for that with his ground production over all three years that he saw time. Since the need at running back was more for a Murray type player than a true back up to Dalvin, this may be my favorite pick so far. Admittedly, it helps that he's also got a high maintenance name to go along with Garrett.

I don't think Mattison all out resolves the need at the position but it seems like a step in the right direction! Of the 37 picks that the Vikings got during the trading spree, I would say that one will go toward another back though they just as easily could address it further after the draft. Either way another ball carrier will join the covenant but Mattison was a good way to end the day!