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Round Seven

Updated: Apr 26

The final four picks of the 2020 draft for Minnesota.

The Purple started by adding a guy that may actually be a Spartan but he'll have to do even more if he wants to get in the mix as either a DE or LB. I'm talking about Kenny Willekes if you didn't click the link, but it's pretty crazy so you should. He was almost universally rated significantly higher than his 225th selection so if he's able to metabolize the mental part of the game then Minnesota may have found another impact player. But here's some video proof of what he can do ON the field!

On the heels of that came a guy that the Spartan harassed over the years. First, an extensive look at Nate Stanley. Second, a shorter look, because how could I not include a video that had his team's chant attached??

Was stumping for a quarterback prospect much earlier than this and maybe one with a little bit more Keenum to his game but the coach prefers them less creative than that. Maybe it'll work out. Maybe Stanley can even develop into the guy to walk the tight-rope and win to the highest levels. I'm happy they made this move but I'm as equally skeptical. B

With the second-to-last selection they added another member to the DB battle. Another one from Mississippi State in fact, Safety Brian Cole. He was another guy without any focused highlight so to his scouting report instead. It's hard to say fascinating with a seventh-round pick but considering his pedigree, he may be able to fill some of the role that Jayron Kearse had before, eventually. A

Coming from D2, it's impressive that Kyle Hinton made it this far. It's the next step for someone who accomplished a lot already. He has the size to hang around and he even scored a touchdown during his senior year, not that Minnesota's coach would ever let that call go through. Besides Football, he also accomplished a lot for Washburn's Track & Field. So the work ethic is there, which can make up for a host of short comings! It'll be a long road for him to earn a spot on the roster, much less a place among the starters but I still like the pick. A

And there you have it. The 2020 draft is in the books with 15 picks. Who could have ever predicted that to happen? You're reading him. It is a new record so my big swing could have missed but I ride my gut vibes, whether they turn out right or not. It's more enjoyable when they turn out right though 😁.

Thanks for following along!