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Roughed Up

A first-half that was too close to call at the break - Sheyenne up 43 - 34 - gave way to an offensive and defensive onslaught that is rarely seen. The Mustangs scored the first 11 points of the half and pushed their lead to 30 as they outscored the Roughriders 27 - 12 over the 13 minutes of resumed play. Even the time that remained didn't see them take a step back as they continued to hound on defense and rain down shots from beyond the arc. As a rematch of a game in Grand Forks from a month & a half ago, that ended with Sheyenne ahead by 2, it was a statement victory that may only be outdone with a win over the only team they've lost to so far, on the second-to-last day of February.

Final Score

Sheyenne 84, Red River 54

Grand Forks was lead by Brady Dvorak with 16. Sheyenne got a game-high 23 from Tyler Terhark, 18 from Blake Berg, 15 from Zion Dettmann & 12 from Jacksen Moni.

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