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Hot During Cold

Anyone who thought that Barnesville's recent run of state-level success would at least recede after Hunter Zenzen left for Iowa State got a crystal-clear message against Roseau.

The Rams opened the game with the ball. Before they could get any traction, the Trojans forced a punt with a third-down sack. The themes for the afternoon continued to develop as Adam Tonsfeldt commanded the offense to the 5-yard line. Now just a few steps away from the first score, the senior QB crossed the line himself. But then, again, a recurring event for all day, not just this game, happened as the 2-pt conversion attempt was unsuccessful.

Roseau's second act ended in the same fashion as the first. The ensuing punt gave a glimpse of how much the wind would impact the action with the ball falling nearly straight down after reaching it's highest point.

One play later and Barnesville had doubled their lead with a catch & run score by Joey Mark. After the two-point they were ahead 14-0.

Roseau got a bit of traction in their third chance but then a holding penalty wiped out a good run by Rece Knochenmus on first down. That opened the door for Barnesville's defense to become the aggressors. Cole Swenson got home on one of his rushes to force another punt, which was returned 19 yards by Tonsfeldt. Two-way players are a common occurrence but having the quarterback as the punt returner is not something you see every day! Goes to show how much of a swiss-army knife he is.

The first quarter ended with a 12-yard run by Aaron Schiefert and the second started with a Cameron Heng touchdown, followed by a Schiefert TPC.

Whatever spark Roseau may have gotten from their third possession was snuffed out quickly as a fumble was recovered by Heng. After moving the ball 10 yards Tonsfeldt scampered for 24, to put Barnesville ahead 30-0.

Now with their backs to the wind, Roseau was no more successful on offense but the punt caught a gust & went 62 yards.

The Trojans tried to get one more score in before the half but with a few feet left before them and points, time ran out.

But Barnesville got the first crack with the ball after the break. On the opening play, it was Cameron Heng time again to go ahead by 36.

Not to be outdone, Tonsfeldt got a near pick-six but it was merely (😉 ) an interception after a blind-side block was flagged.

Barnesville covered 33 of the 35 yards before Aaron Schiefert crossed the line with more than 3 minutes left in the third quarter. After another unsuccessful TPC they were ahead 42-0 with more than three minutes left in the quarter.

All Roseau could do was punt yet again, but then Barnesville put the ball on the turf & Roseau jumped on it.

Just before time ran out the Rams completed a 25-yard pass which set them up in the best position for a score that they had all day. They nudged even closer before a tackle-for-loss & fumble, recovered by Barnesville & returned to the opposite three dashed the chance.

With reserves in for both teams and a running clock, each team had the ball a final time but neither was able to move the ball with any success.

Barnesville 42, Roseau 0

Cameron Heng & Aaron Schiefert made it close, but with the aforementioned three-way-play, the choice is clear.

Adam Tonsfeldt

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