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Off & Flying

Three minutes into the game, the Rothsay Tigers had used full-court press and zone defenses to stifle the Park Christian Falcons offense, while converting on their first opportunities to gain the quick 10 - 3 lead. From there, Park took over. They went on a 38 - 7 run over the 15 minutes that remained in the half and were only faintly challenged in the second half. It never became a single-digit game again but the Tigers were able to narrow the lead. The Falcons responded with two and a half minutes of offense while preventing anything to come for the visitors, to take it from 48 - 32 to 60 - 32. Rothsay outscored the rest of the way but coach Motschenbacher went deeper and deeper into his bench as the clock wore on.

Final Score

Park Christian 77, Rothsay 50

Rothsay was lead by a 21 point night from Jayna Gronewald while Park got 32 more from their best female Basketball player in the school's history. Karley Motschenbacher was side-kicked by a quiet 17 from Ashley Hansen.

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