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Patriots March

As soon as I saw that the 2018 AAA state runner up was coming to Fargo for the first game of the year I was intrigued. As I thought about the chess match within the game that could have been possible with future Bison players Cade Feeney (Baseball) & Ty Satter (Football) I became even more sure that it would be the choice for the first full Friday night in Fargo.

Satter showed that he will be about as close to the ultimate utility man that any team will have in the state of North Dakota this year. But even for a legacy player, that's kind of what it takes to be a NDSU recruit, short of being one of the behemoths from the farm that have kept the line so strong for all these years.

Photo of the Game

But the show that he put on was not good enough to match up with the cohesive teamwork that Bismarck Century put together. Even for the myriad of penalties that the Patriots committed, they had little trouble going up & down the field against the Eagles.

Up 31 - 0 at the half, Century kept right on rolling in the third quarter, which lead to a running clock for most of the final 24 minutes. Don't get me wrong, my thought that Davies has a good chance of competing in the EDC is still very much in play. But the 2019 season may end much like the 2018 one did, with Bismarck ruling the day at the Dakota Bowl. That's a long way away but the implications of game one shouldn't be ignored.

When the quarter rectangle read 4, the Eagles continued to play to get better for next week. They started off with a pick six on the very first play of the quarter and finished the game with an offensive touchdown.


Bismarck Century 38

Davies 15

Player of the Game

Cade Feeney

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