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Pack Show

West Fargo rolled into the Spartandome but neither team was sharp right from the tip. North kept it reasonably close for the first 8 minutes but the Pack continually extended their lead the rest of the way.

Final Score

West Fargo 74, North 40

The Spartans were lead by 12 points from Arden Faulkner with 11 from Sophia Ochoa and 9 from Grace Miller. West Fargo got 18 from McKenna Becker, 15 from Brynn Giesen and 12 from Chloe Pfau & Ashlyn Diemert.

Game 2 started with West Fargo getting out to a 15 - 4 lead after eight minutes of play and held onto that lead into the break 29 - 18. They pushed it to a 39 - 23 lead three minutes into the second half. The Spartans were able to flip their switch, cutting the lead to two shots repeatedly down the stretch but West Fargo never felt the pressure of a one-score game. In the final minutes, when they needed them most, they hit clutch shots and escaped with the victory.

Final Score

West Fargo 71, North 62

North got a game-high 26 from Cayden Rickard with nine apiece by Carson Critchley & Luke Loberg. West Fargo was lead by 20 from Hunter Lyman with 15 from Brett Limke, 13 from Matt Miller & 10 from Carson Hegerle.

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