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Opening Week

A mixed bag of fantasy discussion.

In case the logo wasn't clear enough

Start one WR: Amari Cooper vs Rams, Henry Ruggs vs Panthers, Terry McLaurin vs Eagles.

This is a tough one right out of the gate. Cooper is the most proven and he may prove to be the most inconsistent but in week 1 of this strange preseason, experience matters more than ever. But the Rams defense is at least as good as Philadelphia's. I say it'll be better, so temper expectations for the Cowboy. As for McLaurin, we need to see a lot more from Dwayne Haskins before we can count on that offense against any average or above defenses. Which leaves Ruggs against the Carolina enigma. The Panthers defense could be the worst of these three but with Matt Rhule in charge, no one knows how quickly the turnaround will happen. And I'm generally skeptical about all rookies for the first half of this season but I find myself leaning toward him anyway in this situation.

Final answer: Pick Cooper if you want to go the semi-safe route and Ruggs if you want to be more risky.

Jared Goff or Aaron Rodgers?

I think Jared Goff is going to have a better season than expected but starting against a talent Dallas defense while Green Bay's guy gets the greenhorn Cornerbacks in Minnesota makes this an easy choice.

Final answer: Rodgers

I have Sutton and Mostert as my current Flex spots, should I keep them or change them out?

Mostert is a strong option for the flex but with late-breaking news that Sutton is injured, swapping him out is equally as strong of an idea!

Who should I start at flex - Miles Sanders or Clyde Edwards-Helaire?

CEH may live up to the hype over the totality of the season. But in week 1 when Miles Sanders will be going against DC with a typical amount of other injuries to Philly, roll with Sanders.

Who should I pick as a D/ST week 1 streamer - Det, Ten or Chi?

Chicago's defense could return to 2018 form but to start the year I say go with the defense facing the worst possible offense. I may have to eat my words but in this case that is da' Bears.

Final answer: Detroit

Kansas City wide receivers.

That's about as much a 'duh' thing as I may type all season but with hours remaining til the kickoff, both Sammy Watkins & Mecole Hardman are being started in less than 25% of leagues.

I know this is a deep season but that's still far below where they should be, especially against a suspect defense.

Pat yourselves on the back because there aren't any players for week 1 being started more than 75% of the time who should be on the bench!

With a $4,800 price tag in what may end up being a shootout, Randall Cobb will vastly outscore players much higher on the opening week list.

But that's all for now.

Until next week, happy Fantasy hunting!