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Not to belabor what we've all been living through since March, but with this Fall being unlike any other, different approaches continue to need to be taken. Truth be told, I'm skeptical that there won't be tailgating on Oct 3, even though there isn't supposed to be. Maybe it won't happen at the Fargodome but with what I know of Fargo, even as Midwestern as we are, that day is going to be a PARTY. Meanwhile, for the rest of us who enjoy watching from home on Saturday or Sunday, the term is homegating and that's going to be going down every weekend from now until who knows when.

So the title was tweaked but the process will be the same: to present delicious foods that don't require crazy amounts of work for game day!

Let's get into it for the first weekend of national Football




Cookies - https://www.buzzfeed.com/pillsburybaking/peppermint-brownie-sandwich-cookie